Stories from the Wild

It’s no secret Atikokan is the gateway to some of the best outdoors experiences in the north - come see why we're Naturally Wild today!

Atikokan is very much an outdoors community so some people may wonder how they should spend a day in the town itself. Look no further than this guide!

Learn all about the swimming spots favoured by locals of the Atikokan area and how you can get there too!

Growing up in Atikokan is an experience like any other. A small, safe, vibrant community, Atikokan is a place families choose for their children.

To celebrate Indigenous History Month we took a trip to visit the endangered Ojibwe Horses.

The Pictograph Gallery is a volunteer run celebration of Northwestern Ontario’s art. With rotating galleries and crafts for sale there’s always something to see.

The Atikokan area provides excellent year-round birding opportunities for visiting birders. The landscape is a mix of low, rolling hills and many lakes of varying size. Boreal forest covers the land with conifers predominating. In addition to the two main paved highways (11 and 622), hundreds of kilometers of gravel bush roads afford easy access throughout the area.

Canoe the peaceful lakes and watch the lilies freshly bloom in the morning light as you drift over the water. The lake grasses move underwater like mermaid hair. Startle a moose and her new baby on the edge of the water as you search amongst the lakes edge for the entry to the estuary, hidden in grasses and reeds…and paddle the afternoon away along tranquil waterways teeming with birds and wildlife.

Why would anyone be interested in the Atikokan Bass Classic if they weren’t competing in it?