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It’s no secret Atikokan is the gateway to some of the best outdoors experiences in the north - come see why we're Naturally Wild today!

Atikokan is very much an outdoors community so some people may wonder how they should spend a day in the town itself. Look no further than this guide!

Situated at the west end of Main Street, the Museum of Atikokan is an oasis of cultural history and an excellent starting point to begin your visit to Atikokan.

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Since 1987 the Sno-Ho Club has been making Atikokan the best place to ride in Ontario.

January 14, 2022

Mount Fairweather is Atikokan’s hidden gem thanks to it’s incredibly supportive and welcoming atmosphere for skiers and boarders of all skill levels.

Beaten Path Nordic Trails operates Atikokan’s expansive network of cross-country ski trails for skiers of all levels.

If you still have some names to cross off your list this guide to some of our favourite Atikokan businesses and gifts is for you.

Atikokan is home to a variety of game from the smallest grouse to the largest bear. Learn more from the perspective of a new hunter.

Learn all about the swimming spots favoured by locals of the Atikokan area and how you can get there too!