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Exploring Atikokan's

Snowshoeing Trails

The snow has fallen and it’s here to stay for a couple of months. In Atikokan, we’re lucky to have so many options to choose from when it comes to winter activities. The large amounts of snow that we get make for beautiful trails to snowshoe on.

In Atikokan, there are two beautiful trails that people can explore. The first trail is “Minnow Loop” which starts at the bottom of Charleston Hill and goes alongside Minnow Pond for a while. It is a 1.4km snowshoe. The other trail is called “Don Park Loop” which is a more scenic route going behind Don Park. It is a 3.4km snowshoe.

We highly recommend that anyone who is reading this tries it out for themselves. The trails are beautiful and will help you to fall in love with nature and winter. It’s perfect to walk your dog on as well. They are sure to love it! Whether you’re up for a challenge or want to explore, the snowshoe trails in Atikokan are the perfect activity this winter, especially after a snowfall. Please remember that if you plan on going on a trail, dress warm and accordingly to the weather and are prepared.

Map of the Snowshoe Trails in Atikokan

Something for Everyone

Atikokan is on the doorstep of one of Ontario’s most traditional wilderness areas, as Quetico Provincial Park stands among the best for its beauty and its ruggedness. We’re only too happy to have you here, whether it’s for a day, for a week, or a lifetime. We are the Canoeing Capital of Canada. We are the Gateway to Quetico Provincial Park. We are Naturally Wild.