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Atikokan's Very Own

Sno-Ho Snowmobile Club

The Atikokan Sno-Ho Snowmobile Club was started in 1987 by enthusiasts who wanted to improve their local trails and promote snowmobiling. The club originally maintained a series of shorter trails to nearby lakes and hosted various social activities to build a sense of community. As the club began to grow they started to collaborate with other communities across northwestern Ontario to develop larger trail networks and longer rides, most notable of these was the International Snowmobiling rally with Crane Lake.

Over the years the club has changed drastically thanks to increased resources and members. As a member of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, the Atikokan club now has access to additional funding to build amenities for riders. The trails are now signed and groomed regularly, 8ft wide, with warm-up shelters and points of interest marked and as the club has grown so has interest from local businesses to do what they can to welcome riders with trails leading right up to local resorts, gas, and food services.

The Sno Ho Club hosts many events including club including socials, potlucks, windups, raffles, and annual rides. Each year in January is the Snowarama ride for Easter Seal’s Kids and in February the Annual Poker Derby.

What makes the Atikokan area stand out for many riders is how uncongested our trails are. In many regions of Ontario, you’ll be passing dozens of riders on your trip but in the Atikokan area, you’ll rarely encounter even one. This sense of remoteness adds a layer of excitement as you get the trail all to yourself for your ride.

You can check trail conditions on the OFSC Interactive Trail Map online, or by downloading the app to take it with you. Regional paper maps are available around town and there may be a local trail map coming soon. 😉

There are many places to go when you start in Atikokan. We’re on the A trail that crosses Ontario, connecting to Quebec and Manitoba or you can take a ride down to the United States.

A popular ride, unique to the region, is the White Otter Castle Loop which will take you through Turtle River – White Otter Lake Provincial Park to the White Otter Castle itself. Another option is the wilderness loop connecting towns across northwestern Ontario.

If you need anything for your ride, local businesses are ready to help with everything you need to start or upgrade your equipment.

We look forward to seeing you on our trails soon!



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Something for Everyone

Atikokan is on the doorstep of one of Ontario’s most traditional wilderness areas, as Quetico Provincial Park stands among the best for its beauty and its ruggedness. We’re only too happy to have you here, whether it’s for a day, for a week, or a lifetime. We are the Canoeing Capital of Canada. We are the Gateway to Quetico Provincial Park. We are Naturally Wild.