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Travel to Atikokan

How to Travel to Atikokan

Have you been wanting to come to Atikokan? Do you know where we’re located? Without an airport or a short taxi shuttle, many may think that Atikokan is hard to get to, but it may be easier than you think. Atikokan is located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario, surrounded by much natural beauty. It is located 200km west of Thunder Bay and 140km east of Fort Frances.


Driving to Atikokan

The most common method of travel to Atikokan is by car. It isn’t a time-saving method, but the drive will be sure to exceed expectations. Northern Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful nature and landmarks, which makes the drive a must-do for Canadians. Many different directions can be taken to reach Atikokan. We’re located on Highway 11b and Highway 622.

  1. Highway 11 (Yonge Street): Atikokan is located off of HWY 11 as you turn at the junction that turns onto HWY 11b. HWY 11 is also known as “Yonge Street” in Southern Ontario, which was formally known as “Main Street Ontario.” It is known as the longest street in Canada as it stretches from
    the waterfront in downtown Toronto to as far as the Minnesota border and on.
  2. Highway 17 (Trans-Canada Highway) to HWY 622: The longest highway in Canada is known as the Trans-Canada Highway, or HWY 17. Atikokan is fairly easily accessible from the highway, as HWY 622 branches off and brings you directly into Atikokan. There are many cities and towns along the Trans-Canada Highway which makes it an enjoyable ride with many food options and gas stations. The scenery on this drive is wonderful as well.


Flying into Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT)

One of the most common ways to get to Atikokan is by flying into Thunder Bay International Airport. It is the closest large airport in the region, and since it is only located a 2-hour drive away, it is efficient. Flights fly into Thunder Bay from Toronto, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa, and many other towns and cities across Northern Ontario. As well, starting this summer, there will be a direct flight from Calgary to Thunder Bay on WestJet. The airlines that fly into YQT include Air Canada, WestJet, Flair, Porter, Bearskin Airlines, Wasaya, and NorthStar Air. Once you get to Thunder Bay, there are a few different methods to take:

  1. Book a Rental Car: Located inside the Thunder Bay Airport, there are many rental car companies on-site that are available for booking. These include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National, and Driving Force.
  2. Ontario Northland Bus: Departing from Thunder Bay, this bus heads westbound to Winnipeg but makes a stop in Atikokan. You can get dropped off or picked up in Atikokan, as there are designated eastbound and westbound buses. The pickup spot is at 724 Mackenzie Ave. E. (Robin’s Donuts) and will cost you approximately $44.70. Currently, it is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, departing at 8:01am and arriving in Atikokan at 10:18am.


Flying into Winnipeg Richardson International Airport (YWG)

Winnipeg is the biggest city within a large radius of Atikokan and is located 506 kilometres west. It is a viable option for travellers, especially travellers from Western Canada. The drive follows Lake of the Woods and is a beautiful drive to make from there.

  1. Book a Rental Car: Much like Thunder Bay, there are rental car options at the Winnipeg Airport, which include Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, Payless, and Alamo.
  2. Ontario Northland Bus: Departing from Winnipeg, this bus heads eastbound, making many stops before reaching Atikokan. Currently, the bus operates on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, with a cost of $99.05 for adults. It departs at 12:45pm and arrives in Atikokan at 8:24pm.


Flying into International Falls International Airport (INL)

This is a method more focused on US travellers, as International Falls offers a flight from Minneapolis to International Falls, MN, which is the closest airport in terms of location to Atikokan. Yearly, Atikokan welcomes many American travellers looking to camp, fish, go to a resort, etc. This is a convenient method to take as Minneapolis is a major city and cuts down on driving distances. The INL Airport offers rental car services from Avis and Ford. Then, cross the border into Fort Frances, and from there, it is a 140 kilometre drive to Atikokan on HWY 11.


Ride with the Northland Bus

Much like we have outlined earlier, the Northland Bus is a viable option to get from either Thunder Bay or Winnipeg’s airport to Atikokan, but any traveller can take it. The bus costs are affordable, and the method will take time, but the bus offers comfortable seating and the ability to check baggage. The simplest method is the Winnipeg to Thunder Bay line or vice versa, but it is possible to take the bus directly from Southern Ontario and just make a few bus transfers along the way to reach Atikokan. The buses tend to stop at all the smaller communities as well as the cities across Ontario, so it is possible to get to Atikokan via the Northland Bus from anywhere in Ontario. We

Ontario Northland - Page 4 - General Motorcoach Discussion - Canadian ...recommend looking into this option; scheduling, costs, and more information can be found at


Alternative Methods to Find Atikokan

  1. Paddling or hiking the Trans-Canada Trail
  2. Atikokan Municipal Airport (if you have a private or charter).
  3. Snowmobile trails using the NWOSTA’s trail system.
  4. International travellers can fly into Duluth International Airport (DLH).


Something for Everyone

Atikokan is on the doorstep of one of Ontario’s most traditional wilderness areas, as Quetico Provincial Park stands among the best for its beauty and its ruggedness. We’re only too happy to have you here, whether it’s for a day, for a week, or a lifetime. We are the Canoeing Capital of Canada. We are the Gateway to Quetico Provincial Park. We are Naturally Wild.