Sno-Ho Snowmobile Club

Sno-Ho Snowmobile Club

The Atikokan Snowmobile Club grooms and maintains over 500 km of the best wilderness snowmobile trails in Northwestern Ontario. These trails are scenic, uncongested and provide a variety of riding styles. Snowmobilers can ride into Canada from Crane Lake Minn on the L901M trail.  From Atikokan, riders can travel to Fort Frances on the L601 Trail, head East to Thunder Bay on the A Trail or go North to White Otter Castle.

The Sno-Ho holds many events during the year for its 200 club members.  Member benefits include organized trail rides, poker derby’s, potluck suppers and periodic newsletters. Everyone who purchases an OFSC season trail permit from the Sno-Ho automatically becomes a club member.

Trail Map

Up to date trail maps and conditions for all OSFC trails can be viewed here.

White Otter Loop

The White Otter Loop has been around for a long time and riden on by many sledders.  This year we are pleased to put up new signs that will promote and outline the spectacular loop.

From Atikokan, follow the A trail west to the L903 and follow the signs to the White Otter Castle.  This castle was built in 1915 by the legend Jimmy McQuat single-handedly and still exists today.  From the Castle you can take the same trail backto Atikokan or travel north to Ignace for lunch & fuel on the L108 and then the A trail west.

Atikokan to the Castle and return : 295 km

Or from the intersection of the A trail & L801 travel to Ignace: 80 km

Ignace to Atikokan (A trail) : 104 km

NWOSTA Wilderness Loop

What a better way to see the region then traveling the district.  This loop consists of over 900 km of the rugged terrain that is unseem by many.  You will visit towns of Atikokan, Emo, Kenora, Dryden, Sioux Lookout and Ignace with beautiful scenery, lots of lakes to ice-fish on and all types of terrain.

Each community offers amenities that will be needed for your best sledding trip  as well as sights to explore to provide that extra experience; White Otter Castle and Sioux Lookout to name a few.  There are many warm up stations located along this route in cause you need a break.

Make sure to always let someone know where you are as emergency and cell phone reception may not be available in all areas.  Best option is to use the buddy system and inform someone what time you are expected at your next location.

Be sure to check the local weather conditions to ensure the safety of your trip.

The Atikokan Sno-Ho won the 2015 OFSC Ted Day Promotion Award for Outstanding Snowmobiling Promotion and have been nominated for the 2016 Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations Tourism Promotion Award.

Planning on visiting an Atikokan resort while you’re out on the trails? Check out this map for local resorts near or on the trails!

Snowmobile Resort Map