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How to Spend a Day in Atikokan

If you’re a tourist arriving in Atikokan and you’re not quite sure where to start, then this blog is for you. Atikokan is a very friendly outdoors community with a lot to do and is guaranteed to fill your day with excitement. When you first arrive, stop at Robins Donuts to grab a drink and a snack and head to Little Falls Scenic Lookout. Little Falls is the perfect spot to relax, have a picnic, enjoy nature, and is the perfect photo opportunity for you and your family.

If you would like to learn about the history of the town then stop at the Atikokan Museum next. The town of Atikokan has a really interesting history, and if you call ahead the staff would be happy to give you a tour. The Atikokan Museum is right beside Legion Point, the home of many lumber and mining site artifacts that you admire on your walk. Both the museum and park are included in the Atikokan Walking Tour. If you would like to try out the self-guided walking tour it’s a great way to get you around town to learn more about Atikokan’s history while seeing all that Atikokan has to offer.

After all that walking you might need to cool down, check out our blog post about the best local swimming spots or for a truly Atikokan experience go for a paddle, after all, Atikokan is the “Canoeing Capital of Canada”. Stop by Canoe Canada Outfitters to rent a canoe and some life vests and head to any spot on our swimming blog for a paddle. Another popular option is to paddle the Atikokan River right in town which is part of the Trans Canada Trail. Whichever spot you choose you may want to bring some snacks and refreshments with you. Some of the places where you can grab snacks are Atikokan Foodland, Northern Variety, Atikokan News Stand, Warrens Lone Pine Market, ESSO, and Voyageur Bait and Tackle.

If you need a photo be sure to visit the Charleson Recreation Area and the Steep Rock Mine site to get pictures featuring a background of Atikokans iconic red dirt, the contrast between the red dirt and the subject is guaranteed to leave you with stunning pictures and memories. Make sure to visit the Historic Iron Mines page to learn more about what you can expect at the site. (P.S. We don’t recommend bringing a white dog unless you want it to be red by the end of the day).

Not much of an adventurer? That’s okay! Atikokan also has a wonderful 9-hole golf course that’s double teed for 18-holes of play. Little Falls Golf Course is a narrow and challenging course with picturesque views. It is quite hilly which presents uphill and downhill lies, and the creek that winds through the golf course provides additional difficulty. The seventh tee has the best view, so don’t forget to stop and take the scenery in.

After you spend time at the lake or golf course, you are certain to be hungry, so why not check out one of our locally-owned restaurants? The White Otter Inn, PJ’S Pizza and Pasta, The Outdoorsman, Chips R Us, and the Nite Club Chinese Restaurant are all lovely family restaurants with something for everyone to enjoy.

If you’ve still got some energy spend the evening watching the sunset and stars. Atikokan is proud to be the gateway to the iconic Quetico Provincial Park, designated an International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association, which has astounding views of the night sky – no telescope needed! For a spot closer to town visit Steep Rock Lake and take a seat on the berm for a perfect sunset. If you need help navigating be sure to check in with the tourism staff by DM’ing Tourism Atikokan on Facebook or Instagram.

After enjoying your day you’ll want to explore the Atikokan area further. Fortunately, Atikokan has many resorts close by with stunning views and exceptional service. Check out the resorts and hotels in and near Atikokan by visiting the “Stay” tab or clicking this link:


Maija Goranson, Senior Atikokan Tourism Ambassador, with additions by Tourism Atikokan staff.

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Atikokan is on the doorstep of one of Ontario’s most traditional wilderness areas, as Quetico Provincial Park stands among the best for its beauty and its ruggedness. We’re only too happy to have you here, whether it’s for a day, for a week, or a lifetime. We are the Canoeing Capital of Canada. We are the Gateway to Quetico Provincial Park. We are Naturally Wild.