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Swimming Spots Enjoyed by the Locals of Atikokan

Atikokan has many lakes in the surrounding area that are good for swimming. Atikokanites are aware of the most popular spots to spend the summer basking in the sun, however, visitors may not know the best place to cool off. It may be hard to find some spots if you’re not familiar with the area but directions to some of these hidden gems, but if you ask any local they will do their best to direct you, and you will not be disappointed. Below is an overview of each of these swimming spots and a brief description of how you can find these picturesque locations. If you are looking for an adventure why not try navigating your way to one of these lakes!

Nym Lake 

 Nym Lake is located only ten minutes East of Atikokan, towards Thunder Bay. Nym Lake is a beautiful lake with many swimming spots that are always filled with people on the warmest summer days. Most “Atikokanites” have been going to Nym Lake since they were young for a quick swim to get out of the summer heat and for many people who live in Atikokan, Nym Lake holds a special place in their heart. Nym Lake is one of the most frequented swimming spots and has helped create many memories of summers spent with family and friends. Not only can you swim and sunbathe on the shore but Nym Lake is also perfect for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and any other water sports. If you are from out of town and are looking for a place to stay or a local looking for a quick getaway, Nym Lake has beautiful cabins for rent through Canoe Canada Outfitters. The log cabins are drive-in and can accommodate 4-8 people, and a boat is provided for every two guests.

For more information about these beautiful log cabins please visit Canoe Canada.

You can also check out Voyageur Wilderness to help you create your perfect getaway! Their canoe trips and lodge-based getaways are created with respect for the Earth, family, and community.

Crystal Beach

Crystal Lake is located about thirty minutes East of Atikokan, towards Thunder Bay. Crystal Lake has a gorgeous public beach, it is very shallow so you can walk out in the water for a long time before it gets too deep, which makes this beach perfect for families with little ones. This beach is fairly busy especially on hot days, it’s the perfect place to relax and swim. There is also a resort located on Crystal Lake (in a different area than the public beach) the resort has cabins for rent and campgrounds with electricity and water.

For more information please visit Crystal Beach Resort.

Quetico Provincial Park













Photo Credit: Ontario Parks

Quetico Park is located thirty minutes East of Atikokan, towards Thunder Bay. Quetico Park is the perfect destination for swimming, hiking, kayaking, camping, canoeing, and paddleboarding. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes by making a quick trip into the pavilion! Quetico is a place many tourists stop, if you are looking to go for a quick swim you can get a day pass and enjoy time on the beaches or go on one of the shorter moderate hikes. There are lots of options for people who would like to camp, from renting a cabin to outback camping.

For more information about what Quetico Park has to offer please visit Quetico Provincial Park.

Eva Lake

Eva Lake is located about thirty minutes East of Atikokan, towards Thunder Bay. Eva Lake has beaches available to the public and also a spectacular resort that offers world-class fishing and experiences that you will hold in your memories for a lifetime. They have many wilderness destinations that can be accessed by pontoon aircraft, kayaks, ATVs, and canoes.

For more information please visit Camp Quetico.

Hardy Dam

Hardy Dam is just down the 622 highway about ten minutes, the road to this location is just past the dump on the right. Hardy Dam is the perfect place for swimming and fishing, although the swimming spot is ideal for teenagers and adults. It has a rocky area that you can swim at, but be aware before jumping in, make sure the water is clear of rocks. If you have trouble finding this swimming spot locals are always willing to help with more detailed directions! This is also the perfect lake for fishing. 

Highland Lake

Highland Lake is located in the Charleson Recreation Area and is about a ten-minute drive. It is perfect for swimming and fishing. You may come across horses on your way there, they may even be taking a dip in the lake! If you have an ATV this is also a perfect destination to take a break from the trails and have a quick swim or lunch. 

If you are interested in finding this lake ask some of the locals for directions and they will be happy to help.  

For more information please visit Charleson Recreation Area.

Eye Lake
















Eye Lake is a perfect place to swim, camp, fish, and enjoy water sports, it is located about thirty minutes down the 622. This location is one of the more hidden getaways and is enjoyed by many locals during the summer. Eye Lake has beautiful beaches and is perfect for a family getaway.

For a map view of this location please refer to this link:

Dashwa Lake

Dashwa Lake is located down the 622 about forty-five minutes and is great for swimming. This location is also one of the more hidden getaways and is enjoyed by many locals. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a day trip and take your dog for a quick swim on a hot summer day!

To see a map view of where Dashwa Lake is located take a look at this link:

Clearwater Lake 

Clearwater Lake is an astonishing lake surrounded by sand beaches, many compare the beaches to the ones found in the Caribbean, this lake is located about forty minutes down the 622 highway. This lake has a beach available to the public but also has a remarkable resort that allows people to camp directly on the beach. Browns Clear Water West Lodge is a great place for families to enjoy the summer and all seasons. This lodge is the gateway to many other lakes and the famous White Otter Castle. This resort has a fast-food diner, lounge, gazebos, bait shop, gas station, fish cleaning facility, freezer, boat launch pad, docks, sauna, shower house, laundromat, telephone booth & internet café which are conveniently located, they also offer White Otter Lake and Castle tours.

For more information please visit Brown’s Clearwater Lodge.


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