Little Falls

Little Falls Scenic Lookout & Boardwalk

Little Falls, like most of the lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls in the Atikokan area, was carved out by massive glaciers heading north around 12,000 years ago. Today, Little Falls is a beautiful fifty-foot fall which is a favourite spot for visitors and locals alike for photography and relaxation.

With a picnic shelter, benches, and a boardwalk it is a must-visit for anyone around Atikokan, whether in a vehicle, walking, or snow machining (you can get to Little Falls via the OFSC – Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs – trails).


Little Falls Scenic Lookout is at the end of Little Falls Rd. and can be accessed by vehicle. As this road is unpaved in can be a bumpy ride so driving slowly is recommended, there is a parking lot at the end which is also the location of the Atikokan Fish Hatchery Tour.

There is a path that splits from Little Falls Rd. which can be followed across a small bridge to access the opposite side of Little Falls where there are tables and a short boardwalk. This lookout can also be accessed from the parking lot however the hill can be steep and hard for those with mobility issues.

There are paths on either side of Little Falls that go to the top however these are unmaintained and caution is recommended when using them.