Travel Information Centre

Stop by to learn all about what there is to do in Atikokan! Knowledgable staff are there to assist with any questions you may have about local events, businesses, and more!

Travel Information Centre

Atikokan’s Travel Information Centre (formerly the Tourist Bureau) is the perfect first stop for anyone visiting the Atikokan area.

Operating every summer, Atikokan’s Travel Information Centre is the best place to get information on restaurants, accommodations, events, and things to do during your time in the area. Stocked with brochures from all around Atikokan, there’s something for every traveller to learn about. If there’s something you don’t see during your visit that you’d like to learn about the staff and volunteers will do their best to find an answer.

During your visit, you can also take some time to enjoy special displays by the Atikokan Centennial Museum and various local businesses. These displays change each summer and are a great introduction to the history and culture of the town.

Assistance When the Travel Information Centre is Closed

If you have any questions outside of the Tourist Information Centres hours or season of operation please reach out to or to the tourism staff at the Atikokan Economic Development Corporation between Monday-Friday, 830-430, at (807) 597-2757 for information and brochures.

You can also message @TourismAtikokan on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.