Heart of the Continent

Heart of the Continent

The Heart of the Continent Partnership is a group of Canadian and American land managers and local stakeholders that work together on cross border projects to promote the economic, cultural, and natural health for the lakes, forests and communities on the Minnesota and northwest Ontario borders.

The partnership areas are rich in outdoor activities and experiences. In order to showcase these adventures, National Geographic has teamed with local stakeholders to create a website that acts as a local guide for visitors. Travel the Heart allows viewers to plan a trip to the region, displaying opportunities for each town within the region. Travel the Heart encourages its viewers to explore the interactive guide, saving places and experiences in categories of Trip Ideas and Trip Plans.

Please visit https://www.traveltheheart.org/ to start creating your trip today!


If there is a place that is missing, make sure to nominate it to the map guide.

Here is a guide on how to nominate:

Visit the link listed above, create a log in. Then scroll to the footer of the website. There is a link that says nominate a place. Click the link and sign in to your Travel the Heart account again. There you will find the green plus button that allows you to Add a Nomination. Continue to fill out the information about the place you are nominating. You are encouraged to write the description in a fun and upbeat tone to inspire viewers to want to make the trip to that location.