Atikokan's Historic Iron Mines Caland & Steep Rock

Historic Iron Mines Caland & Steep Rock

The Caland and Steep Rock Iron Mines represent amazing feats of engineering and construction. Long before the days of computerized projections and simulations, engineers in the first half of the 20th century were able to accurately predict how moving 280 million cubic yards of water, silt and gravel would affect the area around what would be five of Canada’s premier iron ore mines.

First opened in 1943, these mines would supply raw materials for everything from World War Two Hawker Hurricanes (made in Thunder Bay) to toasters and nails in the late 1970’s.  Although the mines closed in 1979, they are still quite a site to see- horrifying in their destruction of the land, but beautiful in their complexity. A must see for sure, whether by quad, truck or snow machine.